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St. Paul’s, Seattle, Advent 1, November 27, 2011

November 28, 2011


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  1. Kathleen Nyhuis permalink

    Ahhhh. Advent, my favorite season, for reasons you mention. The readiness and call to alertness for all God is urging us to do and to be.

  2. Pamela Castles permalink

    Loved your sermon. I have always thought of waiting as being passive but I’m beginning to believe it is quite active. I know you are familiar with the UT longhorns who
    won against Tx A&M this past Thanksgiving in football. A quote from Emanuel (now that’s a name for the season) Acho reminded me of this active waiting: “we had to keep fighting knowing the tide would turn”. He had 14 tackles before the game was decided on that last second field goal!  Like Emanuel we should all be waiting for that tide to turn… for the transformation of a world in which we are all actively partcipating with Christ who is working in us among us and through us. 

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